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Our children are our greatest resources and the future of our community.  Lakeland Youth Center continues to work to help make a difference in the lives of our youth.  By providing sports programs, educational programs and social programs we are encouraging community involvement, teamwork, self-esteem, exercise and education to all of our participants.
However, in order to keep the costs affordable to continue the programs, we need your assistance.  Today, you can assist us to make a difference in the lives of our youth.
I hope we can count on you to help.
Options for Support: Lakeland Youth Center
1.)  Donations of Appreciated Stock
  1. Donor receives 100% tax deductible donation while avoiding capital gains tax on appreciated stock
2.)  IRA Charitable Gift Rollover
  1. If over 70, transfer up to 100k by Dec. 31st, from IRA to Lakeland Youth Center as a charitable gift, without paying federal taxes
3.)  Donations of Bonds
  1. Similar advantages of a stock donation, except that it can provide regular income for Lakeland Youth Center
4.)  Donations of an Appreciated Asset
  1. Although Lakeland Youth Center is not an auction house or real estate agency, it is possible to donate coins, collectibles, antiques, firearms or real estate that have been appraised for a tax deductible donation for the item’s value.
5.)  A Bequest through a Will to Lakeland Youth Center
  1. Designate a portion from your estate as a part of your Will
6.)  Beneficiary of Life Insurance Proceeds
  1. Name Lakeland Youth Center as a beneficiary
7.)  A Charitable Gift Annuity
  1. Establish a giving plan through the purchase of an annuity to help Lakeland Youth Center and provide tax deductible income for yourself
8.)  A Charitable Remainder Trust
  1. Give to a Lakeland Youth Center while receiving income for yourself
9.)  A Donor Advised Fund
  1. Give to Lakeland Youth Center through this donation tool that includes tax and legacy advantages for you and your family
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.
With grateful appreciation,
Lakeland Youth Center